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WW2: Berlin & The Cold War Battlefield Tour


Experience the fascinating history of Berlin – headquartered by Nazis, heavily bombed & divided in two. Visit key WW2 sites, walk along remnants of the Berlin Wall and discover life behind the Iron Curtain.
This tour takes you on the incredible journey of Berlin from WW2 to the fall of the Berlin wall.
The city was the heart of the Cold War. Learn all about the 44 year conflict that split the city and its people in two.

The Bridge of Spies, Potsdam, Teufelsberg (also known as Devil’s Mountain), the Stasi Museum, and many more important sites are included in this absolutely fascinating tour.

Pricing: €799 per person sharing

Single Supplement: €149

Day 1 – Berlin Walking Tour 

Fly from Dublin to Berlin. Meet your Tour Manager on arrival and transfer by executive coach to your hotel for check-in. This afternoon enjoy a walking tour of Berlin covering key WW2 and Soviet locations including the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, the site of Hitler’s Bunker, Soviet Memorial at Tiergarden Stauffenberg Museum, Bendlerblock, the site of Gestapo Headquarters, Checkpoint Charlie, Alexanderplatz, and the remains of the Berlin Wall. Continue to your hotel for check-in and overnight.

Day 2 – Tour to Potsdam

Breakfast at your hotel. On this day you will visit get on a bus and visit Potsdam.
The renowned Glienicke Bridge will be crossed by your bus. Known as The Bridge of Spies because it served as a place where captured spies could be exchanged during the Cold War. On this day you will see locations of significant historical events such as the Wannsee Conference and the Potsdam Conference. You will also explore the Soviet war Cemetery and Teufelsberg – known as Devil’s Mountain; is an unnatural hill made of WW2 debris and was the site of a huge U.S. listening station during the Cold War

Day 3 – Treptower Park and STASI headquarters 

To start off today’s tour, we’ll take a detailed look at the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park before moving on to the former Stasi Headquarters. Learn first-hand about the oppressive government that East Germans endured while also learning about the GDR’s secret police’s extensive surveillance network.

Looking at the busts of Lenin and Felix Dzerzhinsky, who served as models for both the KGB and Stasi, as one walks along the empty, red-carpeted corridors, it all appears like it belongs to a time that ended long ago rather than the 1990s. Additionally, you will go to the Wall Memorial Bernauer Straße to learn more about the huge wall that once divided Berlin.

Day 4 – Free Time to explore Berlin

Breakfast at your hotel and check out. Today enjoy free time in Berlin for sightseeing, shopping, and exploring at leisure before your evening flight to Dublin.