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Opera in Hof & Dresden with Patrick Cassidy


Explore Hof, a Bavarian town nestled along the Saale river. Attend the premiere of Patrick Cassidy’s opera "Dante – From Inferno to Paradise" after leisurely discovering Hof during the day.

Visit Dresden, an exquisite city on the River Elbe. August the Strong's patronage attracted Europe’s finest artists and musicians in the 18th century, including Wagner's premieres. Despite destruction during WWII, Dresden's Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical buildings have been remarkably restored, showcasing its former grandeur. The Semper Opera House, a renowned German opera venue, stands as a highlight in Dresden. Enjoy performances in the 19th-century Semper Opera theatre, continuing a legacy of exceptional musicality and visually captivating productions.

Enjoy four-nights in cultural Germany and immerse yourself in the best of Opera.

Stay two nights in Hof and 2-nights in Dresden. During the tour, attend two opera performances; Dante – From Inferno to Paradise by Patrick Cassidy in Hof and Mozart’s enchanting opera Die Zauberflöte at the world famous Semper Opera House.
Discover Hof, a town on the banks of the Saale in the northeastern corner of the German state of Bavaria. The town plays host to the premier of Patrick Cassidy’s first full opera Dante – From Inferno to Paradise. Explore Hof at leisure during the day before taking your seat at the opera premiere in the evening.

Visit Dresden, a stunningly beautiful city, sitting majestically astride the stately waters of the River Elbe. It rose to artistic prominence during the early 18th century when August the Strong, ruler of Poland and Saxony, gathered many of the Europe’s best musicians, architects and artists to his capital. Indeed, many of Wagner’s works were first performed here, whilst Canaletto captured Dresden for posterity on numerous occasions, from many different views. Its pre-eminence as a centre for art, classical music, culture and science saw the emergence of fine Renaissance, Baroque and Classical buildings, the majority of which – though destroyed by the allied bombings of 1945 – have been wonderfully restored in recent years, returning Dresden to its stunning former glory in probably the world’s most remarkable restoration. The Semper Opera House, perhaps the most famous opera house in Germany, forms the focal point of your stay in Dresden. Performing in the magnificent 19th-century Sempre Opera theatre designed by Gottfried Semper, the modern company has built upon the long-standing tradition of high standards of musicianship and visually exciting productions to ensure a consistently high standard of performance.