ATX Astronaut Training - Kennedy Space Center: €169

General information

Orlando, United States

Program details

Take part in the all new for 2018 ATX® program that provides guests with the opportunity to train as astronauts of the next generation of space explorers by participating on simulators such as the Land-and-Drive-on-Mars full-motion simulator, the Walk-on-Mars virtual reality simulator, and the Micro-Gravity Floor simulator. Participants perform two spacecraft launch mission simulations using our full-scale Orion-style capsule and authentic Mission Control Center. They receive briefings about living and working in space and on Mars. Teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills are developed as participants take turns in the Training Control Center, guiding one another through a series of challenges. After the program, they receive an electronic report detailing their achievements along with a video log they recorded during the day.

Your day includes the following activities:


Astronaut Recruit: Learn to launch a spacecraft into low-Earth orbit to rendezvous and dock with an orbital target.

Mission Control Crew: Assist Capsule Crew in completing tasks using instructions on touchscreen workstations with basic missions and emergency scenarios.

Orion Capsule Crew: Practice hand-eye coordination under the supervision of the Mission Control Crew.


Microgravity Chair: Apply Newton’s Laws of Motion to compensate for exaggerated pitch, roll and yaw while performing simple mechanical tasks.

Training Control Center: Give instructions to assist the explorers in their tasks.

Safety Support Handler: Helping those in the microgravity chairs the same way safety drivers assist astronauts in Johnson Space Center’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab.


Walk on Mars: Experience the sensation of walking on the surface of Mars, exploring four different terrains and solving challenges as they arise.

Mars Lander Rover Control: Experience the sensation of landing a vehicle on the surface of Mars in a powered landing, and driving it over rough terrain to dock with a base.

Program Times: A.M. and P.M. programs; approx. 5 hours in length

Additional Information: Some height and weight restrictions apply on certain simulators. No skirts, dresses, or flip flops. Athletic footwear preferred. Participants should be in good health. Expectant mothers and those with head, neck, or back injuries, broken bones, abnormal blood pressure, adverse heart conditions, ear or sinus infections, or motion sensitivity should not participate in certain activities.